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Collect rewards and items in the mail with each battle won, as they will help you evolve your trained fighters. The more you evolve your warriors, the more their physical appearance changes. And from"changes", we mean"they get super unsheathing, teasing you endlessly". And, if you can't get out of the headspace these steaming hot visuals have driven you to, the game does feature a helpful"auto" mode that will play the best moves, which means it is possible to keep focusing on your win- or even, you know, whatever is holding your attention.

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Tracer kissing stiffy

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Starlet Trek: Twin Farr

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Sonic & Tails Gay Sex

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Kano And Kotalkahn

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Marking His Territory

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Marking His Territory

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Pokemon Fag Hump with Digimon Cumshot by lxander1

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Skyrim: Chris & Naruto

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Naruto und Sasuke FUCK!!!

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SakuraXHinata - Innocent animation

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Dragonball gay movie (gohan and trunks)

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3D cartoon ninja turtle sucks cock and gets fucked

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Deadpool 3D Urinal Wank And Fuck

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Anastas' Fantasy

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Skyrim: Khajiit wants coins...

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Animated Skyrim long hot fuck

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Skyrim: Bending the Knee with Jon and Ser Loras

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Skyrim: Dark Angel & Farkas

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Skyrim: The Adoring Fan

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Skyrim: The Nymphs

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Erotic Visual Novel: Stranded(Gay, M/M, bara)

If you want visual novel genre but think that there should more of them left in science fiction settings and with more faggot content in them then we have good news for you -"Stranded" is one of such games! And you are not going tobe today the one who got ggod news. Meet Michael Bester. H ehappene dto be the last survivor on a planet located in many light years from Earth which means he won't get any help shortly if he will get whatsoever. But one day he founds out that he may not be the last man here - there is one more survivor shows up in the facility. But what intentions this newcommer has? Will these two get aloong and find solution for their probelm or thinsg will even worse from now on? Play the game and make decisions to get the response for all of these questions!

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My Personal Driver

This flash game tells an interesting story about Romeo and Elton. Romeo is a typical driver, and Elton is his chief. They are both queer. As that evening, Elton calls Romeo and requests to come to his office to bring an important parcel. Romeo agrees. He harnesses the car with gasoline and comes to the Office to Elton. Romeo comes into the office. There's Elton. They talk and Elton starts seducing Romeo. To begin with, he offers him a drink and unwind. And then starts to massage his thick spear. Romeo is not against sexual caresses and is ready to engage in homosexual orgy. If you like games on homosexuals and their intimate relationships - then this flash game is for you.

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Yag World Venture Game

In this interactive and adventurous flash game, you will help a beautiful and Busty adventurer explore the magical world in the distant Kingdom of Shadows. So, very first look at the game screen. You will find an old castle and a path to the magic forest. Choose where to go. You may find some interesting things and dangerous if you go to the forest. In addition, the abandoned crypt is hidden deep in the forest. There are many traps inside, but there are also magic weapons. Beware of the Minotaur. He wants you, if you are caught by him. You have to decide if you wish to fuck a Minotaur. Use the mouse to interact with game objects. But there are many methods to solve puzzles. Explore fuck, the Earth and look for treasures. Let's not waste time and start the game instantly.

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GD: Individual Services

You are an ordinary seller of TV equipment in the supermarket. You love your job and always turn into the best seller of the month. Your name is Mike and you are homo. Like a sunny day, a buyer comes to your supermarket to buy a new TV. But he does not like the cost of TV. You offer a compromise - he buys a TV and you connect it for free. Buyer agrees and buys TV. In the evening, you come home to the buyer to connect the TV. After a couple of minutes, everything is ready. The buyer is prepared to pay but you see in his eyes that a sexy fire. You offer him to have intercourse and after a couple of minutes you go to the bedroom. What will happen there you have to find out yourself. If you want homo games then this game will be for you.

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Touch and Taunt Vol.1

Even though this anime porn game ha ssuch fun title as"Touch and Tease" you should play it only if you don't mind anime porn game soriented on yaoi admirers. In case if you don't know what"yaoi" is then it is one of anime porn genres which is focused between romantic and sexual relations between two males (in othee words this game has homo content in it). If after reading this introduction that is explanational then get ready to meet bad boy Akuhara Shoya who will become your fuckfest object for today. He is tied and going nowhere so you can play with him a little bit - touch him, tease him, undress him and try other activites that will become available as you will progress through the game. Try to use different orders of these actions to get various outcomes and results.

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Mathematics BoyZone

You believe that you're able solve mathematical tasks quick and correct even when some naked dude is striking sexy poses in front of you? This game will display are you mistaking or not! As it was already mentioned in thsi game you will be solving simple math tasks - all you will need to is to type in the response and move to the next level! Ofcourse you will go to the next level only if your response was correct. If it was worng or you have spend too much time on solving you will likely be thrown one flat back and loose one of extra lives. Each new level will unlock new picture from the set from the gallery so if you want to enjoy them all you will have to display how smart you are by getting through all 22 levels without a single game over screen! If you prfer gals instead of guys you should check our website - there are a lot of similar games can be found there!

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Homo Dreams: Pizza Supply

This game is one from the series titled as"Gay Dreams" so you should play it only if you do not mind this sort of funtime. Otherwise you can go to our website and find a lot of other games depending on what you would like to see instead of hot guys doing hot things with other guys. And if you decide to play this game then get ready to take the role of some dude who comes back from indeed fun xmas party but all his good mood is going to fade away because of an empty fridge. What he can do in such situation? Cook something or order the pizza who will be delivered briefly and very likely by some splendid male in uniform (even if it's pizzria uniform). So make an order and... and what exactly will happen next you will learn only if you will play the game!

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Palacius - Faggot Athlete

During the times of ancient Greece, people valued beautiful athletes and the Olympic Games. You are a simple resident of Greece who has an idol. This is a beautiful and athletic athlete. He has a lovely smile, a sports figure, a sugary-sweet bum and a huge dick. He invites you to meet in the grove after the games. You agree. It turns out the athlete is homosexual. And you too. Touch it for the pants, and then take them off. Wow. The huge dick attracts you. Atelt caught you sucking his fat cock and playing with pouch. He leans down and you see his muscular berries. Fuck an athlete in the arse that he would have an orgasm. And then the athlete will satisfy your sexual fantasy. If you like homosexual games, then you should start playing at the moment.

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A Night With Angel

This game is a very interesting experiment in genre of text games but don't worry - you will get the opportunity to enjoy some graphics also. If you don't mind of some gay-oriented anime porn scenes ofcourse. The story begins at some dirty and seems to be desrted city street where our main character meets Angel who is not some mythical angel but just really adorable looking man with blonde hairs and loev for hump and cash. Now you can choose what will happen between them next by making choices depending not only on what you want to see next but also on the amount of currency you have left. Game is not going to take too much of your time for one walkthrough so you could easily replay it couple more times with alternative decisions if you get interested.

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TV Sex homies Ep.5

Billy was expecting his friend Johny to come when Johny came he realised that it not real Johny. It was an old man about age 40 dressed like a kid and he said he would like to play with Billy and open up his trousers. Billy got frightened and tv sex pals arrived just in time and explained Billy who are pedophiles.

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Dark-hued eye for the homo man

A local hippie sits at home and watches TV. Suddenly the guests come to him. Two muscular fellows and a big-titted blonde. Her name is Charlie. Definitely they decided to have a romp party. The principal star of this party is big-titted blonde Charlie. She loves romp and is ready to do it again and again. After a couple of minutes, Charlie takes away his clothing. And then begins sucking fat hippie dick. After that, Charlie gets on his knees and the hippie starts to fuck her in the cock-squeezing bum with his dick that is hairy and thick. Charlie groans from sexual enjoyment. After a couple of minutes, Charlie is ready to taste the sperm. Hippie pours tons of hot and sticky sperm onto Charlie's pretty face. And this is only the beginning of the story..

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Midnight Fireworks

To enjoy this puny but fun and in some kind cheering game (come on, it will celebrate yoru winning with fireworks) you might have to enjoy two anime porn genres - like unshaved and yaoi. So if you don't have any problems with antropomorphic males having some private fun without any females you can start playing it at the moment. In other situation just keep exploring our website where you can get a lot of other fun anime porn games in many differnet genres accoridng to your personal preferences. As to this game then hook-up scene is going to be interactive so you will be using your mouse controller to perfom main activity but at exactly the identical time keep an eye on the rate which you need to keep at the targeted level to be able to produce the hook-up magic to work and jizz shot button to show up.

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Adobe Flash Games Adobe Flash Games


Good flash game with high-quality animation and purrfectly drawn characters Smoker and Vergo. Both of these dudes look good. Look at their muscular figures. They certainly love to fuck. And what exactly do they hide under the pants. It's time to take a look. To begin, use the mouse to stick on the spot near the penis. You will see how the bump emerges. Click again and then again. The mound got bigger and snapped the pants. Fuck up This is a giant muscular sausage. It's certainly time to taste it. Fat dick with difficulty enters into a taut booty... If you enjoy games about muscular fags , then this game is for you.

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Adobe Flash Games Adobe Flash Games

GD: Flawless Negotiations

First thing you will need to knwo about this game is that GD in its title means"Gay Dreams" so if this theme is not for you then you should not play it. In all otehr aspects you will find that this game is soem kind of addition to other popular anime porn game collection which you might know as"Fuck Town" where after some introduction and interactions with the object of your sexual interest and sometimes following soling some puzzle or any other minigame you get to play few interactive fuckfest scene. In"Perfect Negotiations" you will take the part of Peter who works as head manager of one of the biggest packaging companies on the planet. But lately business for your organization is not going well and there is one option left - not to fail the upcoming negotiations at any price tag! Luckily Peter doesn't mind about using quite personal treatment...

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Adobe Flash Games Adobe Flash Games

Touch and Tease Vol. 2

Hiishi Mamoru is one of your co-workers at the office and he is one handosme and strong man... which totally explains why he has beocme your crush! And yes, you will be playing as male character as well so if you have any problems with playing yaoi (anime porn genre which means"homosexual") games then most likely you should skip this one and search for something else about our website. And if you are still with us and willing to play it then get ready to explore your accomplice's body in order to not only to stirp him down but also to make him sexy while doing that. The order of your actions will actually define which one of three unique endings you will get but notice that one of them is regarded as the good one (the one where everyone will spunk obviously)!

Tags: hentai, cumshot, gay, tease, hairy, dating, touch
Categories: Adobe Flash Games
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