This game is a parody on the world famous videogame series"Mortal Kombat" where you are going to witness the fight between two characters - four-handed Sheeva from the original game series and Purge who seems to be her arch-nemesis (and she also has four palms!). As you will see currently in the very first animated scene Purge is actually a futanari so the fight between those two will not go as you might have expected (unless you are playing manga porn games ONLY - in this game it will all happen just as you expect). Click on the colored buttons in the ideal corner of game screen to switch between different scenes and enjoy them for as long as you want. There are not so many manga porn parody games over Mortal Kombat universe so you nicer not miss this one!
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Castellum Res Venereae 4

This interactive game begins with a beautiful female in some strange castle. You must know her story. Because in case you want to know the story, it will be a doll who wants to get out of the castle, packed with many creepy and incredibly horned monsters and creatures. It is quite convenient that in the very first room in the world she finds the main treasure chest where she gets a sharp and maybe even a magic sword to protect herself. Come in the door and the game begins. It is to go through various rooms and run away or overcome all the monsters in your path. If you do not run away, then our heroine gets fucked. Before you restart the amount literally fucked, you will see its picture. So let's start playing at this time.

Tags: monster, gangbang, threesome, arcade, action, castle
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Angel girl x

"Angel chick X" is a hentai arcade game crammed with quite alot of activity and challenge as well as cute looking blonde chick being fucked by all kinds of monsters again and again. So if you perceive yoruself ready to help this beautiful angel to break away all the dangers and eventually get to an exist from this hell. Ofcours ethe fact that our main heroine is an angel doesn't mean that she can't fight back. Quite contrary - she has few attacks which can be used against different monsters. More about them you can read in"how to play" section and even though their description is in japanese you still can get the listing of controls which will be quiet useful if you are planning to succeed. Because if not then you are going to see this angelic blonde being fucked more than her body can take!

Tags: hentai, creampie, cumshot, big tits, rape, blonde, monster, tentacle, doggystyle, angel beats!
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Elana, Champion of Lust, Alpha Chapter 2

It is imortant to have a latest version of adobe flash player being installed on your device if you want to play this game. Also notice that this is not the final release so if you just happen to find some bugs you might want to tell the developer about them. Now when the official introduction part is over it is time to dive to the fantasy world crammed with magic and... manga porn ofcourse! You will begin the game on some island where you can find few different places. Visit them to meet unique characters and find one or a different manner of interacting with them. Some will want fuck-fest while the other have too much gold coins in their pockets... Your main goal is to receive as much influence over the location or region as possible. How you may do that? This is something you will have to find out in the game!

Tags: hentai, porn, fantasy, adult, adventure, story, quest, choice, elana
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Quickie: Professor Belmont (Public)

In case you have played any other games from the set of fun and not so long pickup themed visual novels"Quickie" then you already know how to seduce pretty ladies... but are you ready to test your charms against the professor this time? Don't hurry to give the reaction for this question and very first select the language of the game that you prefer since now we have seven (!) Different language configurations to choose from! After that just follow the story and make several very important decisions that will define where exactly your relationship with progfessor Belmont will go and how many kinky content with her you will see! The fact that overall story is not long will make it easier for you to preplay the game and unlock all possible content if you won't do that from the very first try.

Tags: redhead, teacher, visual novel, pickup, student, quickie, proffesor
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Hire Me Fuck Me Idols Edition v1.0

Most likely, you've played the game "Hire me and fuck me" (and in reality, there was many of them) in which you have played the role of a the manager of a fast food restaurant and your primary responsibility was to recruit and train the employees. Of course, fucking the sweet waitresses was part of the game! However, this game will give you a different story, but that is similar to the genre, like being in charge of hot girls and allowing the girls not just yield you a certain amount of money but also lots of sexual pleasure. The title "Idols Edition" will reveal the story already. You are the boss of a young and attractive model-to-be, and on the way to fame, you'll be educating her in a variety of aspects. With all the advantages and disadvantages of the position, it is clear.

Tags: hentai, teen, celebrity, visual novel, manager, singer
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In this game, you are playing as not just one, but two characters who spend a lot of time together due to one reason only - they are man and wife. Their names are Elio and Loretta and also important to note is that Loretta isn't just a gorgeous chick, but she is... an elf! In addition, consider the fact that all of the happenings are set in a an alternate version of the year 1911, and you have a very unique setting! What is the main conflict that will make the story go on? Just like every other couple, everything begins in the bedroom: Loretta isn't very knowledgeable and her husband isn't staying long enough to provide her with this kind of experience... therefore, could it be they need to find a third party to assist them in solving the two issues?

Tags: hentai, creampie, big tits, blowjob, fantasy, footjob, wife, Elf
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Fucking partner striptease 2

In this interactive computer game you will get an opportunity to analyze a curvaceous and appetizing brown-haired perform a kinky striptease. Look into this curvaceous and attractive brown-haired. She is that the ideal of perfection and wonder. However nice it might be to examine her utterly naked. To examine her appetizing breasts together with laborious nips. And her whiskerless pink puss. Beautiful, is not it?! This game can offer you with that distinctive likelihood. Look into the game screen. You may see a slider with a bunny. Click on the rabbit and budge it to the proper. Wow. With every movement of the rabbit, the brown-haired starts to undress. You'll see all her alluring treasures. Simply budge the rabbit to the proper and you may see a very naked brown-haired. So, let's begin the game straight away and luxuriate in the striptease video together with the curvaceous beauty.

Tags: brunette, striptease, tits, playboy, erotic, real model
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Plants vs. Sex addicts

Something new for adult sex game genres - something like tower defense game in lines. Anyway, place available heroes around the screen (read briefings about their powers) and try to stop attacking nymphomaniac girls.

Tags: hentai, cumshot, blonde, funny, humor, tower defence
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